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White Paper 2: Behavior change framework for PHM

A Health Behavior Change Framework For Population Health Management

By Phil Trotter, leader, Exercise is Medicine, Felipe Lobelo, associate professor of Global Health, Emory’s Rollins School of Public Health, and Ashley John Heather, co-founder, Off The Scale

The first white paper in this population health management series, Chronic Disease is Healthcare’s Rising Risk, reported on the health and financial burden associated with chronic disease, specifically the “rising-risk” and “high-risk” clinical population subgroups. For example, data indicates that the “rising-risk” population with one or more chronic diseases typically makes up between 20 percent and 30 percent of a stratified population and accounts for 32 percent of total healthcare expense. This group is growing due to the rising tide of chronic disease.

Patients diagnosed with chronic disease without intervention care can progress into the “high-risk” cohort that has an annual mean expenditure of $43,827 per years. Although the “high-risk” makes up only 5 percent of the population pool, they account for 49 percent of total healthcare spending. Therefore, in addition to patient wellbeing, there is a clear financial benefit to delaying or interrupting the clinical progression of chronic disease from “rising-risk” into “high-risk.”

To read the full white paper, click here.

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