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Off The Scale  is probably not the first place you have turned to for help, but we can promise, if you give it a chance, it could be your last.

OTS stands behind its brand - we get you Off The Scale. We are not another

wellness company that promises you everything, yet delivers little.

Lifestyle Change Program


OTS knows that to reverse poor health habits and create long-term meaningful health changes, a complete lifestyle solution is needed. The OTS intervention combines the 3 major areas of health improvement - including nutrition education, increased exercise and behavior change tools.


OTS combines these 3 areas into its program so that our participants can take the most from each area, and use the knowledge and tools to change their health and happiness not just for the now, but for the rest of their lives.


Comprehensive Range of Support Tools

Group Meetings

Peer Support

Led by Health Coach

Meal Tracking

Goal Setting

Personalized Messaging

Activity Monitoring

1 year battery life


A Week In The Life of OTS

Leading You Every Step of the Way

After our 12 week program, you should already feel a significant health improvement, but OTS doesn't stop there. OTS will continue to support you after the program with ongoing tools and group sessions for as long as you need the support. Our goal however is for you to be self-reliant in managing your own health. You will use the knowledge provided in the program, combined with the support you get from your peers and the access to our tools to keep you on track.


OTS is not available to everyone, you do need a prescription to join. You can be referred by your physician, your employer or your insurance provider. If you think you are eligible, and have not yet been referred, you may be able to join one of our free community programs. 


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