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Off The Scale® is your turnkey

Chronic Disease Firewall™


Slow, stop and reverse chronic disease progression for rising-risk populations with Off The Scale. The award-winning OTS Behavior Change Intervention program establishes a firewall, preventing rising-risk population groups from crossing into the high-risk, highest-cost healthcare threshold.

Evolving the Population Health Management (PHM) Care Model

Many Health Systems and Providers are making the transition to Value-base Care. Some already have dedicated PHM leadership, others are exploring what these changes mean for them. With OTS's end-to-end solution, we can work with any organizations making this transition, and ensure they implement cost effective Chronic Disease interventions as part of their care initiatives.

Working with the PHM team and their chronic disease priorities, OTS works to first define and stratify their populations and disease management priorities. OTS then refines and enrolls those participants with the highest ROI.

OTS offers a 3 month intervention, a 9 month maintenance program and ongoing sustainability monitoring. Our group change methodology has been developed through practice-based delivery of nutrition education, regular exercise and behavior change. 

The OTS Platform blends high intensity in-person group meetings, with digital tools and targets cohorts with co-morbidities or specific disease states. Our HIPAA secure platform includes participant and professional mobile apps, wearables, engagement dashboard, outcome reports and APIs for 3rd party EHR integration.

OTS credentials its Professionals as Chronic Disease specialists, with both academic and group delivery training. Our professionals are part of the care team and extend care coordination outside of the clinical walls.

Convenience, comfort and community are key to creating an environment suitable for patient access and engagement. OTS leverages a network of community locations from libraries and community centers, to churches and schools through which it delivers its intervention programs.

Our payment model is aligned with the new value-based payment system goals to replace volume revenue with value revenue.







Thought Leadership

"Man's mind, once stretched by a new idea, never regains its original dimensions" - Oliver Wendell Holmes

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Blending Human and Digital

OTS leverages face-to-face group meetings to facilitate group support, and combines them with High Frequency Engagement via Digital Channels.

Drives Engagement

Improves Peer Support

More Cost Effective Than 1:1

Program Content

Nutrition Tracking

Personalized Dashboard

Group Messaging

Activity Tracking

1 Year Battery Life


Group Syncing

Explore The Off The Scale Apps

Off The Scale has built a suite of mobile applications to support its program. The OTS participants use the app to support the program remotely, in-between their group meetings. The app's key features include:


  • tracking meal & nutrition consumption

  • access to lifestyle content, tips and alerts

  • visualization of activity, sedentary behavior and sleep

  • habit tracking and personalized dashboard to show progress

  • messaging with professional community


The OTS Professional uses their companion mobile application to keep in touch with their group, review meal pictures, activity goals and trends, comment on progress and provide personalized feedback and motivation.

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"My OTS experience is what I consider to be magical."

- Chris D.


"I didn't feel the pressure of 'the scale'. We feel like a family."

- Linda K.


"OffTheScale is different, it is a life-changing opportunity."

- Daria S.

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